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EC720 was created to support designers that need a quick and fast evaluation of energy performance improvement actions. EC720 is the ideal tool for energy performance assessors, because it automatically includes the selected improvement actions in the energy certificate. Recommendations for energy performance improvement are an essential element of any energy performance certificate.

EC720 is an extension of the base module EC700, energy performance calculation according to UNI-TS 11300 Technical Specification. EC720 works only if EC 700 is already installed.


EC720 software performs the calculation according to UNI TS 11300 standard (Italian national calculation method). It is the ideal tool to prepare and support energy performance certificates and energy audits based on actual consumption.

The calculation method is not the same as that used by CENED+ software (Lombardia Region calculation method according to DDG 5796/09). However, calculation results and evaluation of suggested improvement actions determined by EC 720 are useful for Lombardy users as well, since these are better reflecting actual operating conditions.

The software allows to define several improvement actions scenarios. Scenarios are defined as a combination of predefined typical actions on the building envelope (external insulation, windows replacement, etc.), on the heating emission control subsystem (installation of thermostatic valves on all emitters) and on the generation subsystem (boiler replacement, etc.).

EC720 supports the possibility to evaluate specific relevant parameters for each scenario, like:

  • calculating the minimum insulation thickness to comply with requirements set by national or regional regulations;
  • improvement of specific parts of windows (replacing the glass only or replacing the entire window including the frame);
  • defining the control efficiency following the installation of thermostatic valves on all emitters;
  • improvement of the heat emission subsystem (such as the replacement of radiators with new floor heating panels);
  • heat generator replacement (for heating, domestic hot water or mixed use) with a condensing boiler, a heat pump, a biomass boiler or a combination of generators;
  • installing new solar collectors to produce domestic hot water and solar panels to generate electricity from renewable sources;
  • comparison of all calculated values between the current situation (before the improvement actions) and after applying the selected scenario;
  • evaluation of the cost of the proposed action;
  • comparison of the running costs for heating and domestic hot water and pay-back time evaluation;
  • graphic display of the class before and after applying the selected scenario, according to national and relevant regional regulation.

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