EC706 is an extension of the base module EC700 - Energy performance of building, according to UNI/TS 11300 Technical Specification. EC706 works only if EC700 is already installed.

In the present version, the calculation can be carried out according to two alternative methods: using the Carrier-Pizzetti Method or following the Hourly Dynamic Method UNI EN ISO 52016.

The following contributions to the cooling load are taken into account: solar radiation, thermal transmission, ventilation, occupancy, electric appliances and other internal loads.


The calculation of the summer power demand can be carried out with the completion of some additional data compared to EC700 - Calculation of Energy Performance of Buildings.

The calculation is performed for all hours of the day in the case of the hourly dynamic method, or from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the case of the Carrier method; the evaluation can be performed for all months of the year in the case of the hourly dynamic method, or for the peak month (or for all months from May onwards) in the case of the Carrier method.

The following data are shown as well:

  • ventilation thermal loads (divided into "latent" and "sensible"), occupancy internal loads (divided into "latent" and "sensible"), electric appliances load and other loads; these data are displayed for all considered hours and for all rooms of the building;

The calculation results can be displayed for all different time slots, for all rooms in the project and evaluated at the time of maximum load of the zone or room.

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