The English-language trial version is only available for the following software:

EC700 | EC706 | EC709 | EC720 | EC704 | EC733.

The 15-days trial versions, free of charge and complete with all the functions included in the version on sale (with exception of printouts and exports), are the most immediate way to discover all the potential of the Edilclima software.


For the installation of the trial versions, you must use the Edilclima Application Manager.

If the Application Manager is not present on your PC, you can download the installation files from the link below.







Then start the Application Manager and select the TRIAL VERSIONS tab (if the tab is not present, click on TOOLS then choose TRIAL VERSIONS) and install the trials of your interest.

To use the Application Manager you must be registered on the Edilclima website.

If you have lost your login details, or are not aware of them, you can recover them through the automatic recovery procedure. If the recovery procedure is unsuccessful, please register by clicking here



Trial Application Manager


  • The trial versions last for 15 days, are free of charge and come with all the features included in the sale version (except for printing and exporting);

  • An active Internet connection is required to install and use the trial version;

  • The trial version must always be started via the TRIAL VERSIONS tab of the Application Manager, already installed versions will appear at the top of the list;

  • It is not possible to install the trial version on virtual machines;

  • The trial version does not include technical support;

  • The EC700 trial includes the EC706, EC709 and EC720 modules, which are not included in the commercial version; they must be purchased separately.

  • The EC733 trial includes the EC731 and EC732 modules, which are not included in the commercial version; they must be purchased separately.

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