EC720 was created to support designers that need a quick and fast evaluation of energy performance improvement actions.

EC720 is an extension of the base module EC700, energy performance calculation according to UNI-TS 11300 Technical Specification. EC720 works only if EC700 is already installed.


Regarding heating and cooling services in particular, it is possible to take into account the seasonal adjustment factor, given by the ratio of calculated degree days to actual degree days.

Finally, the building's energy inventory is constructed, showing actual consumption disaggregated by individual energy carrier and service.

The software allows different energy upgrading scenarios to be simulated so that they can be compared with each other. Scenarios can be simulated through the choice of pre-established interventions or by job comparison. Pre-constructed interventions include a series of typical interventions related to the envelope and the system. The software allows, for each scenario, the calculation of estimated cost, savings (energy and economic), achievable energy class and payback time.

The software enables the economic analysis of energy-saving works in accordance with UNI EN 15459:2018, taking into account:

  • initial costs;
  • running costs;
  • operating revenues.

Once the validation of the model has been carried out and the simulation of the energy requalification interventions has been elaborated, the software allows the collection of the evaluations that have emerged and the results obtained in the energy diagnosis report. The purpose of this document is to include the different steps of the analysis conducted, while at the same time meeting the specific requirements of the regulations in force.

The diagnosis report is divided into different chapters, including a preliminary summary, the energy analysis of the building, validation of the calculation model, recommendations for possible interventions as well as an economic analysis of the planned works.

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