The programme allows the calculation of the acoustic insulation of buildings according to UNI EN ISO 12354:2017 and UNI 11175-1:2021 standards, starting from the geometry of the rooms and the characteristics of the building components and according to the type of joints between the different structures, for the verification of the limits set by the DPCM 5/12/1997.

It is also possible to calculate the reverberation time and effectuate the acoustic classification according to the UNI 11367 standard.

The  software has a graphic input, the same as the  EC700 - Energy performance of buildings software, to allow the graphical processing of the building and room geometry with automatic extrapolation of all room pairs for R'w and L'n,w verification and of the walls to be subjected to D2m,nT,w facade verification.

It is also possible to import IFC files produced with any modelling software, ensuring complete interoperability between the tools used by the professional and EC704.

The use of this new functionality significantly simplifies the designer's work, making it possible to avoid the preliminary stages of building modelling (reconstruction of the 3D model, characterisation of building components) and to focus exclusively on the determination of the acoustic parameters of the envelope components.


  • The calculation of acoustic insulation can be carried out in two ways: frequency calculation and simplified single number calculation.
  • The programme is able to determine the sound reduction index of each structure, allowing for the inclusion of windows, ventilation openings, small technical elements or parts of the structure with different stratigraphy.
  • It is possible to enter the stratigraphy of the building elements to determine acoustic characteristics (Rw and Ln,w), using empirical formulas based on the mass law or analytical calculation methods that provide frequency results (Sharp and Davy methods).
  • Calculation of the apparent sound insulation index of vertical and horizontal partitions between rooms (R'w [dB]) and the impact sound level index (L'n,w [dB]).
  • Calculation of facade acoustic insulation (D2m,nT,w [dB]), including calculation for corner rooms taking into account diffraction effects according to UNI 11175:2021.
  • Calculation of the room reverberation time, T60 [s], the clarity index C50 and the Speech Transmission Index STI, in accordance with UNI 11532 from the sound-absorbing characteristics of the surfaces delimiting the room and its geometry.

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