EC731 Cascade boilers is an extension module for EC733 Single chimney base module. It works only if EC733 Single chimney base module is already installed.
EC731 module complies with EN 13384-2 standard. It allows to design and check the correct sizing of a single chimney serving a series of cascade boilers (either standard or condensing) or a series of combustion engines.


The software calculates a single chimney serving a cascade of boilers (or combustion engines) according to EN 13384-2 standard and supports:

  • boilers with nominal power from 1 to 1.000.000 di kW;
  • boilers using liquid, solid and gaseous fuels;
  • atmospheric boilers (without fan), forced draught (with flue extraction fan) and pressurized boilers (with combustion air fan);
  • terminal chimney segment with different properties than those of the chimney;
  • circular, squared, rectangular and elliptical chimneys, collector segment and connecting flue pipes;
  • calculation of the air supply pressure resistance;
  • calculation of the thermal resistance of chimney walls;
  • design and check of both negative and positive pressure chimneys;
  • detailed report of calculation results;
  • simultaneous calculation with an array of sizes for the chimney, the collector segments and the connecting flue pipes.



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